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Graff U is a bonus resource that we offer to all GRTV subscribers. Graff U is designed for subscribers who are either new to our online training systems and want to learn best practices and the “how to's” or for subscribers who want a refresher at any given time during the course of their subscription.

get selling launch webinar preview

Launch Webinar: Get Selling

Everything you want your team to know about their new online sales training system! Tune in to this webinar and get off to a successful start!

get managing launch webinar preview

Launch Webinar: Get Managing

Everything you need to know about introducing this new online management system to your managers! Be successful right from the start…watch this webinar.

get selling best practices preview

Best Practices: Get Selling

Learn from thousands of other retailer stores who are making Get Selling a success with their sales teams. Get all the tips and tricks to rolling out Get Selling in your stores!

get managing best practices webinar preview

Best Practices: Get Managing

Tune in to see what thousands of other retail stores are doing to make Get Managing a success. Get all the best practices that are key to implementing Get Managing in your stores!

get selling ensuring success webinar preview

Ensuring Success Webinar: Get Selling

Are you doing everything you should to make your sales training successful? Watch this webinar for great ideas on making the training effective, fun and sustainable!

get managing ensuring success webinar preview

Ensuring Success Webinar: Get Managing

Have you done all that you can do to make your management training a success? Tune in now and get great ideas that with ensure your training is effective, fun and sustainable!

get selling refresher webinar preview

Refresher Webinar: Get Selling

Need a refresher on how to best utilize your Get Selling online sales training system? Is this your second, third or even fourth year of running Get Selling? Want to hear about new features too? This webinar is for you!

get managing refresher webinar

Refresher Webinar: Get Managing

Are you renewing your Get Managing subscription? Tune in to this webinar for a refresher on how to make the most of your management training system!

reporting tutorial webinar preview

Reporting Tutorial

Learn how to utilize the back end reporting features of either Get Selling or Get Managing. This webinar will show you how to track performance progress of your team throughout the training programs, see how well they score on online assessments, become a better sales coach by identifying areas that need further development and learn how to access certificates to reward and recognize your staff's accomplishments.

Sustainable retail training with proven results

  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increased staff retention
  • Improved store performance
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